Getting the Best Big Bust Fit Beneath Your Clothing

You're going to look great in a Campbell & Kate, but as I mentioned in my last post, you'll look even better if your bra fitsHow can you tell if you have the best possible fit? I suggest that you begin with these two resources:

1. Video,"The Three Points of Fit"

Freddy Zappe is the fit expert for Eveden, the respected producer of full bust bra brands Fantasie, Freya and Elomi. Every time I talk to her, I learn something new. You can learn from her, too, by watching this video on the Bare Necessities website. The rest of the advice on the page is also very good.

2. Bra Naked Truth

Erica Windle, co-owner of the North Carolina lingerie store, A Sophisticated Pair, has created a great series about fit. Before you go for a fitting, be sure to check out another of her excellent articles, How to Prepare for a Bra Fitting.

Intrigued by the subject? Then visit Sweet Nothings NYC's passionate post, On Sizing. Click the links to the other blogs she mentions for even more resources.

Coming up: where to go for fittings.