Come to Forty Winks in Boston for Our Final Pop Up of 2018!


Forty Winks carries lingerie for many different sizes and shapes, including bras that go up to a British H cup. On Saturday, December 8, they'll also be carrying our shirts!

Stop by for a fitting with our founder and see and handle our fabric choices in person. If you'd like to reserve a time slot, here's the link to our Eventbrite page.

Here's some more exciting news: We're expanding into sizes 18 and 20 and will have our fit samples with us for your feedback.

Meant to Be Seen

Here's one more reason we love in-person fittings: this 71-year-old "model" from our recent Bra Spectrum pop up. When we asked her to pose for social media, she turned on the power!

A classic white shirt amps up the power. Sometimes we struggle to put this phenomenon into words, so we were delighted to discover Brenda Kinsel's take on the subject. She may be talking about age, but we think anyone with a large bust can relate:

Why I consider white shirts to be perfect for modern women

I’m in the third chapter of my life as are most of my clients and we’re smashing rules and limiting expectations of what women our age are all about. That third chapter includes frisky women from fifty to seventy-five-years old.

More than anything, I do not want women in this chapter to be overlooked. Lots of fashion geared to this market has gotten super relaxed, too relaxed in my opinion. Much of it is oversized and drapey and lacking structure. I think many manufacturers are looking at us and thinking, Well, they’re into comfort. We’ll just give them shapeless clothing with elastic waistbands. They’ll love it.

When there’s a complete lack of structure and things are shapeless, women wearing them lose visibility and I won’t stand for that! What I like about a white shirt is that you can put it with flowy things, build in some structure, create a frame for the face, and bring attention to that marvelous woman over 50. Visibility wins!

You can still wear loose garments. I love the look of a white shirt with a cascading cardigan (like I wore in the very top photo). You get some structure and framing while enjoying soft draping fabric as well. It’s a great balance.

I also love how a white cotton shirt doesn’t cling to the mid-section like a knit T-shirt does. Who loves the idea of non-clinging fabrics besides me?

This Is Just To Say

I have ironed

the shirts

that were in the icebox


See You in PA, DC or SF!

Do you know why we're loving October? It's such a wonderful month to meet you in person! Stop by one of our pop ups for a shirt AND bra fitting and browse our fabric swatches with your own eyes. Would you like to reserve a time with us? Click the location below and you'll be directed to our Eventbrite page to register.


We loved being in Bryn Mawr and Annapolis earlier this month (click "read more" for locations).

Busty and Trendy Fall Fashion Roundup

Fall is almost always a fashion win for fuller busts. In the summer, it feels like our only choice is to highlight them. In the fall, we have options.

4 Surprising Strapless Bra Alternatives for Bigger Busts

If you're not in the mood to wear a strapless bra for a fuller bust, shoulder-baring is still possible. Here are some discoveries we made while writing our last blog post.

1. You Never Have to Do Duct Tape.

We've all heard horror stories of the woman with large breasts who taped herself into a strapless, backless gown only to suffer when it came time to remove it. Now there's actually an adhesive bra that works for large cups--and it was created by a woman who duct-taped herself into her wedding gown.

Brassybra is 97% cotton and 3% medical grade adhesive; it's breathable, waterproof, moves with you and lasts 8-10 hours. Best of all, even though their website says it works up to a G cup, women who wear larger cups have been able to use it, too. This video is a great demonstration of how you can wear it.

2. Clear or Sparkling?

Strapless Bras for Big Busts: Sometimes Good Enough Is Best

When we began researching strapless bras for bigger busts, we were sure that today's blog post would be the definitive guide to the best DD+ strapless bras out there. But then we started trying them on. Some bras pushed everything (including armpit fat) up so high that we looked like an overflowing champagne glass. Others gaped on top. Still others left too much space at the base. It turns out there's a different standard for strapless bras than for everyday bras: Good Enough.


Judy Masucci from Levana Bratique in Pittsburgh told us, "Sometimes with strapless bras you have to settle for 'as good as it gets'. They often do not tack at the sternum, they often gape at the top of the cup." At The Rack Shack in Brooklyn, owner Laura Henny says that the strapless bra that her H cup customers take on tropical vacations "doesn't fit as perfect as a regular bra, but it does the job.” Kim Berger of Lion's Lair Boutique agrees: "When it comes to a strapless, it's really about just being 'good enough'. It's rarely a technical fit and often not comfortable . . . kind of like stiletto heels--they may make the outfit, but we suffer for the look!"

If you've fallen in love with a bare-shouldered look, here are the strapless bras that we recommend giving a try.

15 Best Big Bust Suits to Buy this Summer!

Some busty women hate swimsuit shopping, but that doesn't have to be you. This year, avoid shoving your chest into the shelf bra of a one-piece or spilling out the sides of a triangle bikini. Try bra-sized swimwear instead! Here are 15 brands that give stylish options beyond a DD.


This British brand specializes in large bust swimwear--their Portofino and Anya one-pieces go up to a K cup--and their styles are readily available in the United States. Our top pick for the season is the Ceylon High Neck Bikini.

Leah from Hourglassy says it is "easily the most sophisticated bikini I've ever owned! More importantly, the fit is amazing!" Because the bra portion provides all the support and the halter ties are merely decorative, there's no neck strain. Another perk? "The mesh halter tucks in any loose side-boob or armpit fat." If bikinis aren't for you, the one-piece version is equally elegant.

[Be sure to click the tiny "read more" link below for the rest of our fabulous finds!]

It's Real Simple--We're the Best No-Gape Shirt!

We're white shirt award winners in the June issue of Real Simple! You can read the online article here:

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