Take out your tape measure and let's get started!

Step 1: Email us.

Please send the following to dcampbell@campbellandkate.com:

  • waist measurement
  • bust measurement
  • bra size (and brand)
  • dress size that you would wear if it were unnecessary to size up for your chest
  • fit preference from the photos below

Step 2: We email you:

  • the size or sizes we would like to send you to try. (These shirts are almost always in white. Step 4 below covers colors and prints.)
  • the time frame to expect your shipment.
    We carry many niche sizes, so we typically cut the fabric for your shirt only after you have placed an order. However, some of our most popular sizes may be available to ship right away.


Step 3: Invoice.

If you'd like to move forward, we'll email you an invoice for the full amount if we are shipping shirts to you immediately or for a deposit if we are sewing shirts for you. There is a $20 new client fitting fee that is either credited toward your final purchase or deducted from your refund.


Step 4: Try!

A. If you love the way the shirt fits and want it in white, you're good to go.

B. If you love the way it fits but want it in black or French blue, send it back and we'll sew a new shirt in your chosen color at no extra cost.

C. If you love the way it fits but want it in another color or print, we can special order fabric from our mill in Turkey for $20. (Swatches to be uploaded to our website soon!)

D. If you almost love the way it fits but want to customize it, let's talk about your changes.

E. If you almost love the way it fits but want to try other sizes to be sure, we'll send you one more exchange at no extra cost. Then we can revisit A-D above. :)

F. If you decide not to keep a shirt, we will refund your payment minus our $20 new client fitting fee.