Please use this page as a starting point for discovering your size. Once you have taken your measurements and consulted the chart, we encourage you to email your measurements to us for confirmation of a size or range of sizes to fit you. When you email us, please include (a) your bra size and brand, and (b) your pant size and brand.

Campbell & Kate shirt sizes consist of two parts: the number size is based on your waist measurement, and the letter size is based on your bust measurement.

1measure your waist in inches

Hold in your stomach as you would for a photograph and pull the measuring tape snugly around your waist. Measure on the exhale. The tape should be placed against bare skin.

2measure your bust around its apex

Wearing a properly fitting bra, pull the tape around the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. Measure on the inhale.

3Refer to the size chart

Find your bust measurement in the far left column of the size chart below and trace a path from it to the column containing your waist measurement. The size that you find in the square where the two measurements intersect is a starting point for finding your best fit.


The size chart allows for approximately 4 inches of ease at the waist and approximately 2.5-3 inches of ease at the bust. This information can help you decide whether to size up or down in the bust or waist, depending on how tight or loose you like things. It can also help you decide which size will fit even if your measurements do not meet in a single square.

Many women are happy with the fit of their first Campbell & Kate shirt without any trial and error. Others enjoy a more collaborative approach. If you like the idea of comparing several sizes--because yes, it actually is possible for there to be too much room at the bust--you can take advantage of our Fitting Option. For a one-time fee of $30, you are welcome to try 1-3 samples at a time and to repeat the process until you find your favorite fit. This is an excellent way to figure out whether a customization would be a good idea for you. Simply put up to three sizes in your shopping cart. (You will only charged for the shirt you keep.) Then click the button that says "Click to calculate shipping" at checkout and choose the Fitting Option. The fee will be credited to your final purchase. In short, you receive free shipping for trying several sizes at once when you make your ultimate purchase. We regret that the fitting fee is not otherwise refundable.

Please visit this link for more details about the Fitting Option, and please contact us if you have any questions about it.