Dress shirts are a big deal at Campbell & Kate. Ask us to picture someone in a crisp white dress shirt, and we imagine world leaders and captains of industry. Ask us to picture a busty woman in a crisp white dress shirt, and we imagine the same thing.

It wasn’t always the case. Before we created our button front shirts for busty women, we were too distracted by the safety pin at her chest. No wonder women have been willing to sacrifice the look of authority in a dress shirt for a less powerful impression in a knit shell.

We tailor our shirts for the large-busted woman who wants to look like she has it all together . . . without any help from a safety pin. More important, we make our shirts for the woman who wants to feel and act like she has it all together—because what she believes about the shirt she's wearing will actually improve her performance. There's even a term to describe this experience: "enclothed cognition". In the study that coined the phrase, researchers discovered that when people associate certain characteristics with a garment and then wear that garment, they adopt the same characteristics.

We associate dress shirts with success, and we make dress shirts for the busty woman who wants to look, feel and act like a success.