Working on one shirt at a time gives us the satisfaction of working with you as an individual. If you’ve always wanted a shirt that’s long enough for your torso or sleeves you don’t have to roll up, here's your chance!

Once we’ve made the changes to your pattern, we keep them on file for future orders.

Here are some of the changes we can make for you.

Adjust depth of back waist darts to give you more or less room in the waist

$10 per shirt:
Different cuff style
Contrasting fabric on cuffs, collar stand, and/or collar

$20 per pattern (one-time fee)
Lengthen or shorten sleeve length
Lengthen or shorten hem length

$40 per pattern (one-time fee)
Lengthen or shorten torso
Widen or narrow hips
Lower bust darts

Request quote:
Snaps instead of buttons
Other ideas you have!

Please note that we offer “customization”, which is NOT the same as “bespoke” or “custom”. In a bespoke/custom experience, a tailor will create a new pattern from your measurements alone, often with multiple in-person fittings.

In the customization experience, we take our existing pattern that fits you best and change it in the areas where you would like the fit to be better.

There are two changes that we will not touch: shoulder width and armhole shape and size. That being said, in the past we have successfully attached different size fronts to backs (an 8L front to a size 6 back, for example), which involved adjusting the armholes and shoulders where the front and back met. However, we do not guarantee results without muslins, and each muslin begins at $40, plus shipping.