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Only the best for your large chest. Campbell & Kate begins with a pattern that understands your curves and tailors its classic white shirts from stretch Egyptian-blended cotton. Cut to order and sewn in New York City, your new wardrobe essential will ship to you within 2-3 weeks. Our shirts are also available in a crisp end-on-end French blue.

Want more colors? We have 15! As sales in these colors are final, we encourage you first to discover the best fit for your big bust in white or French blue, then contact us for swatches.

If you need more than our 24 "close to custom" sizes, please reach out to us for information about how we can personalize the following for you:

  • sleeve length
  • torso length
  • waist width
  • hip width
  • cuff style




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I can’t believe Campbell & Kate shirts are not one of Oprah’s favorite things. Get them before they are!!! Adding Campbell & Kate shirts to my wardrobe was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Who hasn’t glanced over in a meeting only to catch someone glancing through the peep-holes between your buttons? Well the real me can finally stand up (or sit in a meeting) with confidence! Usually, I have to dash into the bathroom and tape up the gaps between my buttons with top-tape – but Campbell and Kate have solved that problem. Their shirts are amazing and comfortable and go with EVERYTHING – if you have a large chest and are trying to get people take their eyes off them to hear what you’re saying – invest! It’s the smartest and simplest makeover I’ve ever tried and I’m glad I did. Also, they spoil you with hand written notes and seasonal color choices in the mail once you’re a customer.


I ordered the French blue shirt and love both the color and fit. No gaps or pinching of the fabric, everything lays very smooth. The shirt is very professional and I am looking forward to getting mileage out of it in future board meetings.


Finally! A classic white shirt that does not have to be taken to the tailor for alterations! I love the quality of the shirt's fabric, the darts and the closeness of the buttons. Can't wait to tell my clients and followers with the same issue about Campbell & Kate!

Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Shopper, Author
Tamika Maria Price


This shirt is sharp yet soft, tailored and comfortable. I felt put together without feeling constricted. There is no gapping at all! The shirt stayed tucked in and smooth around my waist. The collar is crisp without feeling stiff or scratchy. Overall fit was perfect—sleeves were just the right length. Can’t wait for the shirt to be offered in other colors and patterns!


I am so so pleased with my white shirt. I am a 36DD and usually wear a 2-4 pant. I actually fit best in a 10S which suprised both Darlene and me. But it is what worked best for me. It is a little bit longer which I like and I absolutely love that the darts hit me where darts are supposed to hit me. And instead of looking like a box, my figure actually shows in this shirt. So glad this site was recommended to me. Darlene will work with you to find what is your best option. Worth every bit of the $160.00!!


I was sad when the 6L shirt I originally bought from Campbell & Kate got a large tear in it one day after going through the wash, because it had been one of my favorite shirts: a perfect fit, and it went with everything. I loved it enough that I was happy to replace it, though! I found I needed a size smaller, but Darlene was very helpful about sending me multiple sizes to try, just to be sure. I'm wearing the new shirt as I type. I wear a 32F, and other than my bust, I usually fit into a size 4-6, depending on the cut of the clothing. I have a 4L in this shirt, and it's perfect. The bust darts hit me just right. My fairly broad shoulders aren't squeezed. The waist is neatly tailored to fit my body like a shirt SHOULD fit, instead of like a tent (as so many shirts do). Whether I pair it with a long denim split skirt and riding boots, or a pencil skirt and pumps, it's a staple of my wardrobe.

Note from Campbell & Kate: Our shirts are now now constructed of a higher quality fabric. Badseed1980 is one of our very first customers, and we are thrilled that the fit of her original 6L was so perfect for her that she was willing to try the improved version when it became available.


Before I had the pleasure of trying on a Campbell & Kate shirt, I simply gave up on trying to buy anymore button-down shirts. I was really tired of buying shirts that didn't quite fit my bust. I don't have to worry anymore because my Campbell & Kate shirt not only fits me like a glove, but I feel so secure and comfortable when wearing it. I don't worry that the world can see my bra through the openings between my buttons anymore. As a young professional, it has given me more confidence when layering this shirt with my suits and pencil skirts. It also works perfectly with my jeans and accessories. It honestly is my "go-to item in my wardrobe.


I would normally wear a size 2, but chose a 4S because it's the closest to my measurements at a 28G bra. I'm going to have to tailor it down as it's a little too large in the waist and shoulders, though not by much. For the first time, I have a dress shirt where the darts actually hit where they're supposed to! The strategic placing of the buttons makes certain there will be no gapping issues. It is a thin material, so a very solid nude bra is a requirement to wear under this shirt, unless you prefer a camisole. The quality of construction is great, and I'm looking forward to having more choices in colors!