How to Tell a Woman with a Large Bust that She'll Look Amazing in a Campbell & Kate Shirt, Part 1

Everyone I meet knows at least one large busted woman who would look fabulous in a Campbell & Kate shirt. But how to tell her?


First, it depends on who you are. If you're a woman, the sky is almost the limit--especially if you're the genuinely caring type who has even a smidgeon of charm.  If you're a man, it may not matter how caring or charming you are.  There are some women with large busts to whom you can never speak directly about Campbell & Kate.

That's because it also depends on who she is.  If she's your best friend, sister, mother, or girlfriend, then whatever your gender, you can easily tell her about a classic white shirt made just for D cups and up.  If she's a co-worker, you should probably be a woman who knows her pretty well.

However, no matter how well-intentioned you are, some women aren't going to be very receptive to the news, even from another woman.  I learned this last month when I sat mesmerized during this speaker's talk about niche marketing.It wasn't her material that held me rapt, but her full bust atop her slender torso.  I was determined to beat everyone to the front ot the line to speak to her after her presentation.  Unfortunately, I was so premature in my sprint to the front that she thought I had a question for the Q&A session.

"Yes?" she called to me.

Small Bands and D Cups: Don't Judge a Body by its Cover

Last week I sent out a newsletter featuring the photograph on the left and then went to meet my 8M fit model. I asked if she'd seen the newsletter. "Yes," she answered," but you should have used a larger model instead of a tiny girl who can fit into anything." I tried to explain that I had used a larger model, but she didn't believe me.

So for all you doubters out there like my fit model, I give you the photograph on the right. 

What bra and shirt size do you think she's wearing?  I post the answer after the jump.

These Women Are Not Shopping for Safety Pins

Shopping without having to worry about a gapping shirt makes our four Campbell & Kate women feel as high as a . . . well, airplane!

Once you own a foundational piece like a classic white shirt made to fit a large bust, the only items left to buy are accessories to make it your own.

No Safety Pins Were Used in the Filming of this Video

Last May, I made a spontaneous video of my niece wearing her size 4S Campbell & Kate shirt. When my husband saw it, he said, "There really is a need for your shirts!" That's when it dawned on me that simply talking about these shirts for D cups and up will never have the impact of actually seeing one in action on a woman with a large bust.

Coming Up!

Doesn't this photo of my 8S fit model make you smile? She's wearing a sample in the fabric that we'll use in the next production run.


Lara Croft Endorses the Classic White Shirt

I used the television to distract myself at the gym the other day, occasionally checking to see what Angelina Jolie was up to in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.  Once her costume switched to this classic white shirt and riding pants, the movie held my undivided attention.  Of course I added it to my Netflix queue right away.

This scene unfolds exactly as I had hoped. Lara returns from target practice (all bull's eyes from atop her galloping horse) to find two MI6 agents waiting for her at the mansion.  England needs her help.  She agrees to track down their villain, but only on her terms. 

Why do I love this scene so much?

Feel Like a Winner

There are two points in the Campbell & Kate shirt fitting experience that I love:

  1. when a woman begins to button the shirt over her large bust and realizes that she can do so without straining the fabric; and
  2. when she looks in the mirror and sees her waist.

Cheryl Warner captured this delight in her review on her fabulous blog Invest in Your Chest.  When I read it, I felt like I'd won the prize for Best Shirtmaker for Women with Large Breasts.  If you look at the pictures in her review, you'll understand why.  A woman  with a full bust who feels and looks like a winner in a Campbell & Kate shirt means that I win, too.

Who is Kate?

Whenever I introduce the company to someone, they inevitably ask, "Who is Kate?"

Are You up to "The Challenge of the Classic White Shirt?"

If you've visited the Campbell & Kate Facebook page, then you've already seen my link to this article by Maggie Alderson in The Brisbane Times.  Since reading it, I've been mulling over her statement that 

[t]here is also a uniform connotation to the plain white shirt, which can be dodgily sexy in a Britney Spears way on a young woman but the opposite on an older one. She was 18 when she made that ghastly video [Baby One More Time]. Add 20 years and that shirt would make her look like a parking attendant.

Some women do look like parking attendants in plain white shirts.  For example, this woman that I photographed on the subway yesterday:

Captain America and the Mysterious Bra Size

I really enjoyed Captain America last Saturday night, and there's been a lot of press about Chris Evans' chest.  It transforms from "scrawny to brawny" in a matter of seconds.

However, I was more interested in the chest of his co-worker, Hayley Atwell.  In one scene, she looks stunningly voluptuous in a red dress by costume designer Anna Sheppard (see below).  So when she showed up in this white shirt in the next scene, I had two questions: (1) what is Atwell's bra size, and (2) how is her shirt not gaping?

The answer to question 2 is clear from this photo.  Sheppard put gathers along each shoulder to supply enough volume for Atwell's bust, and she cinched it at the waist with darts.  The answer to question 1 is less clear.

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