From Lounging Around to Getting Around, Refine Your Large Bust Look without Sacrificing Comfort

What's the best part about working from home? Being able to wear the most comfortable clothes in your closet! If you've ever tried it, however, you know there's one drawback--it can feel brutal to transition to a more polished public look.

Thanks to tips from our stylist Christina, you don't have to compromise comfort to run around town. She's put together great layering looks that begin with loungewear for the base. Today's look starts with a soft dolman top over leggings.

To make it city-ready, she slipped a classic white shirt from Campbell & Kate under the striped tee. Next, she added a chunky link necklace on top and black ankle boots on the bottom.

Let's Soar into the New Year!

Happy new year! This weekend I discovered Louise Thaden, the winner of the first women’s transcontinental air derby in 1929.


Full Bust Style & Substance from Misty Knight and Simone Missick

Marvel's Netflix shows have been so bleak (Jessica Jones) and violent (Daredevil) that at first I stayed away from Luke Cage. Then I caught Detective Misty Knight's breakaway scene on the basketball court. Tough, strong, and smart, she is a force to be reckoned with. She also happens to be busty. In other words, she is exactly the kind of woman I design my shirts for, and I had to watch every episode after that.

On the show, Misty usually wears the standbys that many busty women rely upon: an open blazer over a knit top.

Big Bust Fall Dressing: 3 Essential Pieces 4 Ways

Our stylist Christina has really outdone herself this week. Last time she showed you how to wear a bust-friendly sweater dress in four different settings. Now she takes a team of ankle booties, DVF mini crossbody bag, and leather jacket through four lifestyle levels.

Level 4: Formal/Dressy

Level 3: Night out

Here Christina introduces one more essential piece that belongs in everyone's closet: a long tank top. She likes the way it camouflages a tummy, and it's great for layering under and over other pieces (like a button-front shirt from Campbell & Kate!).

Big Bust Fall Dressing: Four Looks with One Sweater Dress

Last week we walked you through a "lifestyle levels" analysis that will help you choose the best finds for your full bust this fall. This week, our resident stylist Christina shows us what we can do with a sweater dress. Since knit fabrics are a busty woman's BFF, odds are good you can find a great sweater dress that will fit your large chest and be a wardrobe workhorse this season.

Level 4: Formal/Dress-up

If the sweater dress that fits you happens to have a crew neck, all is not lost. Christina uses necklaces and scarves to break up the "boob mountain" that big-busted women get from high necklines.


Level 3: Night out

Find the Best Buys for Your Busty Wardrobe Using "Lifestyle Levels"

If shopping is a challenge, chances are Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner covers your specific situation in her book You Are What You Wear. One of the biggest problems women face? Overbuying . . . and yet still not having anything to wear! As Dr. Baumgartner puts it,

Closets can be filled with purchases from "I've got nothing to wear" emergences that often do not work with other items in your closet. [...] Learning to craft a cohesive wardrobe out of multifunctional pieces can cure anyone of the impulse to over-shop under pressure.

To discover the multifunctional pieces that will be you workhorses, start by naming the functions that your garments will perform. One of Dr. Baumgartner's clients realized that she needed clothing for 4 lifestyle categories:

Level 4: Formal

Level 3: Night out

Level 2: Office

Level 1: Weekend casual

Next, take one article of clothing through all four levels. If it can transition through all or most of your lifestyle levels, it's a workhorse worth investing in.

We love Dr. Baumgartner's first example in her book: a white button down! Here's how she suggests mixing and matching a white shirt with pieces that may already be in your closet. We've added pictures that we found on Pinterest to illustrate the general idea (below and above).

Can Good Fit Be Bad News for a Big Bust?

Never! You would expect that answer from a big bust shirt maker, wouldn't you? But at a private fitting two weeks ago, I discovered why some busty women have a different answer.

When my customer put the shirt on in the photos below (we'll call her Jane, and she gave permission to use these photos), I couldn't help rhapsodizing over the way it skimmed her large bust and displayed the curve of her waist. She, on the other hand, couldn't help obsessing over the number she had glimpsed on the size tag.


We busty women often size up to fit our large chests, so the size we wear is rarely our "true size". However, it’s a new experience to wear clothing designed specifically for a high bust-to-waist ratio. Jane knew she had gained weight, but until she tried the shirt, she hadn't realized how much. She decided to wait to buy a shirt until after she tries the Whole30 diet in October.

Our appointment made me realize that other women with large chests face the same dilemma: Buy something that looks amazing now, or wait to lose weight? I asked two experts for their opinions on the subject, as well as a few women on the street via Twitter.

You Love White, but It Doesn't Love You--What to Do?

Some shirt colors make busty women look vibrant and alive while others make us look like we should take a sick day. Unfortunately, white falls into the latter category for some of us. Even so, a crisp white shirt that fits a big bust is such a great look that women's coloring shouldn't stand in the way. At Campbell & Kate's recent photo shoot, I discovered three ways to make white work on any full-busted woman.

Wonder Woman, Power, and the Confidence of a Big Bust Friendly Button Front

The Wonder Woman power pose really works.

Full Bust Discretion under a White Shirt with Empreinte Erin

Last September I showed you beautiful Empreinte bras that most Americans could never get away with wearing under white shirts in the United States. This week, I discovered an Empreinte bra that can be worn under white, the Erin balconette.

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