Anything B Cups Can Do, D Cups Can Do Better: True or False?

A couple of days ago, I wrote on Hourglassy about my Affinitas Parfait cami discovery.  Since I have always loved the corset look, this lingerie-as-outerwear option in 30D-H through 40D-H had me super excited. 

A Twitter conversation with one of my readers followed.  She asked,  "But would you actually wear it as outerwear? It still looks too much like a bra to me."

My answer:  "Under a jacket def. I'd have to see it on to know if I'd wear alone w/ a skirt."

Her response:  "Hmmm. It's the seaming in the cups that holds me back."

Me:  "Perhaps also the obvious underwires . . . ."

Her:  "Maybe no other way to get support in satin, but I haven't seen B cups wearing something like this."

Which of course got me thinking:  Can a large busted woman expect to be able to wear everything that a smaller busted woman wears?

There's Nothing Like a Classic White Shirt

A lot of women tell me, "I've given up on button downs.  I just can't get them to work."  I understand because that used to be me.  At one point, I thought I'd found the perfect solution in knit shells from a certain manufacturer, so I populated my wardrobe with every color they offered. 

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