How to Tell a Woman with a Large Bust that She'll Look Amazing in a Campbell & Kate Shirt, Part 1

Everyone I meet knows at least one large busted woman who would look fabulous in a Campbell & Kate shirt. But how to tell her?


First, it depends on who you are. If you're a woman, the sky is almost the limit--especially if you're the genuinely caring type who has even a smidgeon of charm.  If you're a man, it may not matter how caring or charming you are.  There are some women with large busts to whom you can never speak directly about Campbell & Kate.

That's because it also depends on who she is.  If she's your best friend, sister, mother, or girlfriend, then whatever your gender, you can easily tell her about a classic white shirt made just for D cups and up.  If she's a co-worker, you should probably be a woman who knows her pretty well.

However, no matter how well-intentioned you are, some women aren't going to be very receptive to the news, even from another woman.  I learned this last month when I sat mesmerized during this speaker's talk about niche marketing.It wasn't her material that held me rapt, but her full bust atop her slender torso.  I was determined to beat everyone to the front ot the line to speak to her after her presentation.  Unfortunately, I was so premature in my sprint to the front that she thought I had a question for the Q&A session.

"Yes?" she called to me.

I hesitated for a flustered second, then bravely announced, "You're my niche market" and handed her one of my promotional postcards.  She began to read it.  Out loud.  Into her microphone.  She stopped at the word "bra" and quickly called on another audience member with a question.

See what I mean about the need for discretion?