Big Bust Button Placement--How Low Can You Go?

I know you've faced these two unappealing choices before: fasten the higher button and look like an uptight librarian, or unfasten it and look like you're ready for happy hour. If only there were one more button between the two!

In a Campbell & Kate shirt, there sort of is. Remember how the button-spacing in our shirts prevents three-dimensional gapping? Well, having more buttons closer together also gives you more options in the amount of cleavage you want to reveal. Just last week a customer told me, "I didn't think of this before, but since you have decreased the distance between buttons, I have more options about how deep I want the neckline to go--great for making it more versatile."

Here's a look at the range of options that our button spacing gives you:

1. Prim & Proper


2. A Typical Day at the Office


3. After Work


Of course the lines between these categories are fuzzy. How may buttons you decide to leave unfastened depends upon:

  1. what flatters you
  2. what you're trying to achieve
  3. your comfort level
  4. your accessories
  5. your environment
  6. your physique (some women's cleavage begins almost immediately below the collarbone)

Since there's no hard and fast rule for neckline depth, the best top is one that gives you options. A Campbell & Kate dress shirt has you covered (or uncovered!) for any situation.