Wonder Woman, Power, and the Confidence of a Big Bust Friendly Button Front

The Wonder Woman power pose really works.

Stand in this pose for two minutes and feel your optimism climb. It's not your imagination. According to social psychologist Amy Cuddy in her 2012 TED Talk, power poses like this actually increase our testosterone (the dominance hormone) and reduce our cortisol (the stress hormone). Do this before (not during) a job interview, and you'll "leave the evaluative situation feeling like you really got to show them who you are".

I tried this two nights ago at a workshop led by Dr. Carolyn AlRoy and couldn't believe the surge of confidence it gave me. Her co-leader, David Post, challenged us to stand in this pose at a 45 degree angle (vs. head on) at our next networking event and watch people gravitate to us. When I tried it after the workshop, three incredibly interesting people approached me immediately.

Of course, as I stood arms akimbo in my Campbell & Kate white shirt, I thought, "I am SO happy I don't have to worry about gaping buttons in this pose." Thanks to my bust-friendly shirt--which is a confidence booster on its own--I could completely engage in the experience.